Evansville, WI - These seasoned farmers have a goal that we can get behind: to provide you with an appealing variety of high-quality produce so attractive and tasty that you and your family will eat more vegetables than you ever imagined, this includes their tomatoes which you will find in our ketchup.

Verona, WI - Juan Gonzalez Torres is originally from Puebla, Mexico but has lived in the United States for 11 years, nine of those in Wisconsin. He grew up farming with his family that cultivated about five acres of diverse vegetables, which they sold at two very large markets, El Morralillo and El Salvador Huixcolotla. Juan will grow anything for us, and we know it will always be of the highest quality. His habaneros go into our award winning Hot BBQ.

Belleville, WI - Nestled in a valley, Snug Haven’s specialty is spinach grown in hoop houses during the winter months (this makes the spinach incredibly sweet due to the freezing/thawing process). These fine folks agreed to try out growing pickling cucumbers for us in the summer of 2014. This led to the latest 100 Mile condiment: Matchstick Pickles (only available at Madison's Northside Farmers Market this year).

Soldiers Grove, WI - In 2007, Josh Engel of Driftless Organics saw a hole in our local food supply: cooking and salad oil. He set out to fill this gap with the goal of producing a high quality, healthy and organic oil. His vision has been realized - Organic Sunflower Oil: the olive oil of the midwest.

Franksville, WI -  Brothers Joe and Dave Borzynski were raised on a 40-acre dairy farm in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. In 1964, while in high school, the brothers tried their luck at cabbage farming with their dad’s tractor, a few acres of rented land, and some friends to pack vegetables. They sold their cabbage out of the back of a pick-up truck at the Milwaukee farmer’s market. The Borzynski bros' children now supply our fresh dill for our delicious Matchstick Pickles.

New Berlin, WI -  Phillip J. Sass started Wisconsin Spice, Inc. in an abandoned, 19th century feed mill,  Sass saw an opportunity to mill mustard seed into ground mustard for the sausage industry.

Wisconsin Spice, Inc. respects the impact it can have on the environment and the role it plays in fostering a sustainable business, both economically and environmentally. To this end, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. has developed a Sustainability Program founded on the following principles:

  • Zero waste
  • 100% by-product usage/storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduction in packaging

Mt Horeb, WI - In 1965 Eugene and Donna Woller started Gentle Breeze Honey on a modest, part-time basis with the purchase of seven hives from a retiring beekeeper.  The business was nurtured and sustained for many years with help from their three children, became a full-time endeavor in 1991, and has now grown to approximately 600 hives.

Viroqua, WI - Wisco Pop created their root beer by going back to recipes for the original sassafras-based drink of the early 1900s, which had a stronger punch than what we know today. Because the FDA banned the use of sassafras oil in 1960, the team combines vanilla, anise and wintergreen alongside the honey and other natural ingredients.

This is our not-so-secret ingredient thats makes 100 Mile Bee-BQ even sweeter!